Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate(feed grade)


colorless granule crystal
Main content
Ferrum content(Fe)
chlorine content(cL)
heavy metal(Pb)
arsenic content(As)
water insoluble
loss on ignition

Feed grade magnesium sulfate is magnesian replenishers in feed processing. Magnesium is the essential determinant in bone building process and muscle contraction and activating agent of various ferments. If there was not enough magnesium, neurological function dysfunction would be caused.

It has the functions of antiphlogosis, detumescence, elimination of toxicant and analgesic effect. It is used as weighting agent of kid-finished cambric, cotton and yarn. It is also used for the production of fertilizer, ceramic, dyes, explosive and fire-proof material. In addition, it is used as medium component in microbiological industry, filler in leather industry, stabilizer for the production of yeast, monosodium glutamate and toothpaste in light industry. 

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